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Folia Water Filters

Folia Materials first product is the Folia Water Filter, an antimicrobial paper water purifier with an MSRP of 20 cents for 20 liters: grocery pricing for working class consumers in South Asia. It is the world’s water purifier sold as a consumer good instead of a durable appliance and is sold at the same pricing and in the same stores as other mass market grocery staples like soap, snacks, and SIM cards.  Folia Filters are currently being sold in Bangladesh in partnership with Unilever and Transform and local partners BOPInc and iSocial. Folia is looking for enterprise corporate master distributors in other South and Southeast Asian markets with food/beverage packaging and distribution capabilities.

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Folia Water Filter Product Line

Folia Packaging

Folia Materials is working with a food multinational on developing a new packaging material that will provide an improved consumer experience. Initial tests have our stock outperforming the industry standard. We look forward to informing you of more in the near future.

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