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Folia Materials

Using sustainable paper as our super material.

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Who We Are

Folia Materials is a Boston-based materials science company that uses paper as a super material to make everyday life sustainable.

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Why Paper?

We work with paper because it’s sustainable, recyclable, and builds a renewable economy using FSC-certified trees. But it’s not enough to be sustainable – we also need to outperform plastic by utilizing the areas where paper is better than plastic.

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patented nanoscience

Our Coating Process

We use standard industrial coating machinery, existing paper mills, and coating machines to manufacture at unit costs and at large scale needed for mass market consumer goods

Industrial coater processing Folia paper rolls



...and more pending

Material for millions of consumer goods per day.

Sustainable consumer goods made with paper and green materials.

Our low pricing lets our customers meet the cost requirements for high-volume consumable products.

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Our Product Lines

Folia has spent years inventing and patenting the world’s cheapest and most effective process for marrying ordinary paper with a coating that transforms it into an extraordinary good.


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Paper-Not-Plastic Microwave Food Packaging

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The World's Lowest Cost Antiviral Face Masks

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The World's First Water Filter For Pennies, Not Dollars

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Select Clients

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Meet The Founders

Jonathan Levine,

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Columbia University, US DOE, Schlumberger

Theresa Dankovich,

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Cornell University, UC Davis, McGill University

Addressing Global Challenges with Sustainable Paper Solutions

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